Geofilters are the international world’s latest craze, and FineFilterz are offering one of the best partnerships around right now. But first I can hear you all cry “Natalie, what is a geofilter?” And behind the answer to that lies is a very simple idea. Geofilters are a quick, easy way to tell your friends where you are via SnapChat.

Snapchat, for those few of us who still don’t know what it is, I know you’re there, don’t hide from me, is a photo-sharing app for your smartphone. More than that though? It made the selfie social. Just think how many people you know and see who take selfies all the time, and then imagine advertising on our photo whilst we send it to our friend. It really is a miraculous time for companies to advertise, Snapchat users literally send over 90,000 snaps (that’s a selfie for those uninitiated) a second. Yep, that’s every second. There is an average of three billion snaps sent a day. Now imagine getting a percentage of that with your advertising on? That is where geofilters come in.

Geofilters are a fun part of Snapchat adding a special connection to the filter on your selfie. With it, you can show where you are and what you are doing to everyone that you know, it is just that simple. So many companies use geofilters to advertise our work and for a very, very good reason. Everyone who has a smart phone uses Snapchat, it is just that popular, so why wouldn’t you capitalise on the phenomenon?

That is where FineFilterz comes in. We offer an extremely affordable, extremely valuable opportunity, one that you really can’t afford to pass up. With our seven days a week work time, we will perfect the filter for you. It is just that simple. A real person is always available the other side of the phone, and we will work with you to get your filter exactly right, and it will be exactly right, we are just that good. But don’t take my word for it, I know I wouldn’t, go look at the gallery of our work,, simply fantastic. A professional, perfect, personalised filter for any of your needs. Be that a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, or anything in between, we have the filter for you. FineFilterz, No 1 Geofilter agency.

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