Ever since Snapchat introduced geofilters, it has become an important tool for individuals and businesses alike in highlighting their events and businesses on Snapchat. Geofilters on Snapchat allow anyone to set up creative overlays that only work at a specified time and location allowing Snapchatters to use those frames when they Snap. Whether it’s a family party or a work-related event, geo filters have become an essential part of social media strategy using Snapchat. Through geofencing, you can let people truly enjoy being part of your event in a fun and unique way. However, creating geofilters can be a tedious process – overlay designs need to be relevant to the event and adhere to Snapchat’s geofilter design guidelines or they risk being rejected. Finefilterz is here to take you through every step of this tough process.

Finefilterz is a design studio that specializes in producing high-quality Snapchat geofilters. We work with our customers to understand what they want and design filters that are unique, memorable and retrofitted exactly for their needs. Finefilterz is one of the oldest geofilter design company in the world and have been in the business ever since Snapchat introduced the feature. In all, we’ve designed over a hundred Snapchat geofilters for clients around the globe including L’Oreal, Passion8 and Guinness. Head on over to our portfolio page to see a list of our clientele and some of our designs.

Our work is high-quality with fast turnaround. We know that our clients have businesses to run and events to plan, so we take the tedious process of designing out of their hands. In just one easy click, our clients will have access to filters that are fun and engaging. Just give us a background about your event and let our illustrators do the magic. We also specialize in unique caricatures because our illustrators are also excellent artists. We will keep making as many tweaks as required until you are fully satisfied. So far, our filters have a 100% acceptance rate on Snapchat. We also promise that you will never have to speak with an automated message and will have access to a real person throughout the design process.
Send us an enquiry now so we can create the geofilter of your dreams.

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