Frequently asked questions

Do you do personalized face lenses?

Yes, we do.

What makes FineFilterz different?

FineFilterz is a design agency that specializes in Snapchat geofilters. Being the oldest geofilter company in the world we have learned many tips and tricks. We have become a reputable producer of geofilters.

Where do geofilters work?

Currently on-demand geofilters are allowed in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

What type of events use Snapchat geofilters?

Every event for example: weddings, festivals, birthdays, nightclubs, sporting events, socials, high school events, proms, corporate events, university events and many more.

How long will my order take?

Fully custom orders take 1-2 days. Template orders are processed in less then 24 hours.

What if I buy a geofilter that is denied by Snapchat?

This rarely happens with us. We will do any necessary revisions to ensure your filter is approved for no additional fee.

What if I don't like the design?

We work with every customer one-on-one to ensure complete satisfaction. We do allow minor revisions to every design at no additional fee. We recommend providing as much detail as possible when placing the order. Our designers go off what you describe.

My geofilter is not working! What should I do?

Please check to see that you have filters and location services enabled for Snapchat on your device. Also, make sure you are within the area your drew your geofence for your On-Demand Geofilter.

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