How Snapchat geofilters will help your business

Today Snapchat has become a popular social media platform. It is not only popular among the youth but also the bloggers and celebrities. Unlike other social media platform, Snapchat is also being used as a powerful business tool. Snapchat will be a very helpful business platform if you use it with geofilters. Geofilter is a virtual fence that specifies your geographic area. It filter gets available to the snapchat users once they cross their geographical boundary physically. The geofilter can be added to your selfies and images so that it will be visible to your friends and user’s circle. Using geofilters is the coolest way to enhance your ordinary pictures. Also using geofilters will be beneficial for your business. If you manage to use snapchat geofilters strategically, it will help you create brand awareness and help you have a great corporate culture.

Working of geofilters

You can directly access geofilters from the account if you are a current user of snapchat for business. Once you select a geofilter option, you can draw your map as your requirement. You can cover the area where you are expecting people’s attention. The filter’s cost varies according to the amount of area you choose. The wider area you choose the filter’s cost will increase. Once you draw your desired map, you can upload your filter according to your design. To create Snapchat geofilter, you need few basic tools like Photoshop and similar other. There are different rules and regulations for businesses and individuals while creating geofilters. Do check all the guidelines while creating community filters and also review before submission. Failure to meet the guidelines may lead to rejection by Snapchat.

For example avoid using hashtags, email addresses, usernames and phone numbers in your filters. Avoid providing any contact details to your geo filters. Such things will not be accepted by Snapchat admin. Another rule while creating geofilter is using photographs of people and adding more than two lines of stylized texts is not permitted. Try to make your filters more enjoyable not overly promotional. Another most important factor you must consider is do not cover the whole screen while creating a filter. Many users will attach their snaps to your filter, but if you have covered too much screen, then it will overlap their photographs which they will never. This will also increase chances of your filters getting rejected by snapchat.

Set a time limit to your geofilter. This will help you in two ways. One is you will have fresh filters that will maintain user’s interest. And other is you will save money as snapchat charges for the geofilters. For example, if you are hosting an event then activate the geofilter for that particular time. After the time is over the filter will be automatically disappeared.

When and where using the geofilter

Keep yourself away from putting up a geofilter to your snapchat profile all the time. Using them occasionally will keep the interest of people in your profile. Save them for some special events this will help you a lot in engaging your audience. Try to take advantage of the maximum exposure. This will help you gain more audience.

Use your geofilters for important events and campaigns. If you are organizing an event, then set up your geofilter around your venue. This will help the guests to share their experience by using your filter. This strategy is a sure shot solution for more engagement. Many businesses got amazing success using snapchat filters. There are also many charitable organizations who are using snapchat filters and getting a great response. Snapchat geofilter offers great opportunity to promote your business. So spending on these filters is worth spending every single penny. It is the best way to engage people in your activities in a most entertaining way.

Snapchat geofilters play an important role in improving awareness of your brand among your targeted audience. These filters can also be used for internal purpose. This is the reason why today most of the businesses are turning towards using snapchat geofilters. Snapchat geofilters offer an amazing platform to engage prospective talent on social media. This is helping the businesses with making better connections with their customers and audience. Now they can share their stories more effectively.

The best part about snapchat geofilters is you can customize them according to requirements. You will be benefited in many ways, for example, you will get potential clients, a better corporate culture, brand reorganization and awareness. Using snapchat geofilters will help you in making your event or business more inclusive. No matter where you are and where you are hosting your business using snapchat geofilter will help you in attracting more crowd. Another powerful usage of snapchat geofilters is being made in the travel industry. This will help you a lot in your team building activities at the travel destinations.

Sample of filter we designed week ago:
personolized geofilter