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We are FineFilterz, No. 1 Snapchat Filter agency, and we are ready and able to make any filter that you require. But why are we different than others? One simple answer really, we are the oldest geofilter company out there. Using our wealth of knowledge we can and will create the perfect geofilter for your occasion, whether that’s a wedding or a birthday, a conference or an air show, or maybe even just a party with friends. We are here to make the perfect filter for you.

As the oldest company in the business, we have a heck of a lot of experience in working with both Snapchat and clients to create the most amazing filters possible for you. We aim to make the best work possible by using all of our expertise to make the perfect filter for your perfect photo. Weddings often use us to create their perfect day, and we are proud to say that every customer winds up satisfied with our work. How, I hear you ask me? By working with you, the customer, every single step of the way. We offer the chance to edit and revise every design we make and with unlimited patience, we ensure that your filter is what you deserve.

The best part? All these revisions are free of charge and we will ensure that your filter is accepted by Snapchat, very rarely they are not but we work with you to ensure they are, we will ensure you get the best Geofilter that money can buy, and make that great day just that much greater.

Now I can tell you want to know how it works, and it’s all so very easy. You need to order on our site, very easy to see, it takes less than three minutes to do. You pay with PayPal, or your selected card provider, and then give us just a few details of what you need. Next? Just sit back and wait whilst our experts do all the work. After just 24 hours, we will have the first draft of your design ready and I just know that you will love it. Choose FineFilterz and you choose to create the best way to make your celebration stand out. We’re cheap, fast, and effective at our job and with our expertise and your vision, we will get you the geofilter you deserve.

Filter we made week ago for our customer:
Baby Salazar geofilter