How Geofilter can be effective for business promotion?

Snapchat is one of the most creative social media networking tool. Their latest introduction, Geofilter is one of the most widely used technologies. The Snapchat Geofilter will allow customers as well as clients to get a more personalized experience and share their pictures when they were in specific location. With Geofilters, when a customer takes a picture on Snapchat, they will have to option to place a Geofilter over their image and share it with their friends. With Geofilters, they can tell the whole world that they were at a particular place and love the experience.

Geofilters can provide businesses with a very good way to promote their businesses. It is a kind of social media word of mouth advertising which can show other that people are appreciating your business. To make sure that more and more people are aware about your businesses, making a Geofilter can be very effective. Businesses can use creative heads at their disposal for making Geofilter. Attractive Geofilter will make your business popular and encourage more and more users to use it. While certain Geofilter, there are few things which users should keep in mind.
1. Filters which you will create should be in PNG format and must have transparent background. This will make sure that it will fit in the Snapchat frame properly and user’s image can be displayed beneath the Geofilter.
2. Size of the filter should be about 1080×1920 pixels and provide users with latest technology.
3. Filter PNG’s should be under 300 Kb.

Following all the above details is very important to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. You should ask your graphical team to see the requirements and create a Geofilter based on these specifications.

Getting a creative Geofilter is very important to ensure that it gets popular on Snapchat. You should remember that it’s your creativity which is going to attract users and provide you with top class results. It should be noted that Geofilters are not automatically applied over the picture; users will have to select it to apply it. To make users select your Geofilter, make sure that it is attractive and likeable. Unless, users does not like your graphics and creative, they will not use it and thus it will hamper your business promotion strategy. Ideally, Geofilter should be something which should stand out from the image itself. Ideally you should test out your Geofilter on number of images taken from different angles to make sure that it works effectively.

What are On-Demand Geofilter?

Geofilters are custom overlays which will appear on the pictures taken by the Snapchat users. On Demand Geofilters are those where you can create a Geofilter for the purpose of promoting your business and can make sure that you get a good promotion strategy in place. This feature will let you create and publish Geofilters for your parties, business promotions or for wedding. It is a very fun way to let your friends and customers use the Geofilter in a very creative manner.

What will Geofilter cost?

There are many different variables which will decide the pricing for Geofilters. You can fence an area between 20,000 sq. ft to 5 million sq. ft in which your Geofilter will be active. Filter cannot be live for more than 30 days. Overall cost of the Geofilter will be dependent on the size of the area and the time for which it is going to be active. Base price of the Geofilter starts at $5 and will go on according to your need. location which is being selected is also going to determine the cost of the Geofilter. For example if you want to geofence location near an event like Oscar, then it will cost lot more.

Geofilters is a perfect way for hotels and tourist destination to promote them. Travelers can use the Geofilter to let everyone know where they are going by posting a pic using the Geofilter. We have already seen may big hotels creating their own Geofilter. With the help of Geofilter, travelers can tag that they are staying in a particular hotel. They can also use it for any pics which are clicked inside the hotel premise. It will provide users with a unique way to showcase their photos and also make sure that hotel is promoted automatically.

For those who are more into analytics, Snapchat provide you with a feature to measure the total number of people who have used your Geofilter. If you have a attractive and creative Geofilter, then rest assured many users will be eager to use it. One it gets popular among users, you will see a very positive impact of Geofilters on your business. This is one of the most popular tool which people are using to promote their businesses.