Geofilter for Valentine’s Theme photo shoot

This week we got new request:

“I am a photographer and I am having my Class of 2019 Senior Model Shoot on Sunday Jan 28, 2018.  It’s a Valentine’s Theme photo shoot.

Here’s what I’d like:

Red Border
White Text

I’d like it to say:  CG3 2019 Senior Model Shoot”

We came with such filter design:

geofilter for cg

And always great to hear our customers are happy after receiving work:

“I love it! Thank you so much!”

Happy wedding Cara and Phil!

Hi readers,

Recently Cara contacted us to talk about geofilter for her wedding:

“Hi there,

I’m getting married in just over two weeks and would love a geofilter for the big day. Something along the lines of the filter listed in your gallery (please see attached) with “Cara & Phil” along the bottom of the screen (with a love heart as the &) and “Ballymagarvey Village 21.09.2017″ along the left hand side.

I’m not sure what other details are needed but please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance”

We started to work and came with this wedding filter:
filter for wedding of Cara and Phil

Care liked our work:

“Hi Alex,

I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!



Glad we helped you!
Happy wedding Cara and Phil!

More geofilters here:

Have a nice day!

Happy wedding Ahmed and Zeina!

Happy wedding Ahmed and Zeina!

Recently we got request to design wedding geofilter:

“I want to design a simple snapchat filter for a wedding.
I want it with very simple flowery design, written at the bottom: 15.09.2017 Ahmed & Zeina
I also need to be available for Friday 15th of September at 3pm”

As the result we designed this one:

snapchat filter for wedding of Ahmed and Zeina

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Have a nice day!

Snapchat filter for Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Recently we got request to create geofilter for Breckenridge Oktoberfest:

“I am wanting to make a snapchat filter for the Breckenridge Oktoberfest town part. We are hoping to make it really interactive for tourists to use while representing the small mountain town. We have included our mountain range that we would like incorporated. I would also like maybe two cartoon-y boy and girl cheers-ing  in lederhosen or dirndls with white steins or pretzels. We would also want to include text saying Breckenridge, CO Oktoberfest. ”

As the result we designed this one:

Octoberfest snapchat filter

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Have a nice day!

Geofilters and FineFilterz Company

Geofilters simply highlight for users within a particular range. If you buy a customized geofilter, the range is approximately 20,000 square feet. You deliver the details around the area you desire your geofilter to arise within, and Snapchat will make a “geofence.” Geofilters are a pleasurable way to share your locality, or what you are up to, by summing up a funny cover to your click. If you ensure Filters and location services enabled, Geofilters seem at thousands of places around the globe. After you click a picture, swipe to see what’s all around!
Make Location Services on and then roll down to make sure the single Snapchat app is made “On” too. Next, open Snapchat application and tap on the settings wheel in the top of the right corner. After picking the “Manage” option, you may now make your Filters on, which will make geofilters active.

Why choose FineFilterz?

FineFilterz is a designing agency that focuses on making Snapchat geofilters. Being the oldest geofilter firm in the world, we have learnt many tricks and tips. FineFilterz has become a trustworthy manufacturer of geofilters.
• FineFilterz provides 24 hour improvement time.
• FineFilterz delivers 100% customized geofilters.
• FineFilterz has been working since the Snapchat released their Geofilter platform. This brand is reliable by celebrities, businesses, and thousands of clients.
• FineFilterz claims a 100% customized Caricature service.
• FineFilterz does not move on till you like your geofilter’s design. No matter how many days it takes.
• FineFilterz is obtainable seven days, and you can contact a customer care executive once you call FineFilterz.
• Get in progress by telling FineFilterz some details to assist them to create your appropriate filters for the Snapchat.
• FineFilterz’s proficient artists will design a distinctive filter to ensemble your business or event.
• This filter will be obtainable at your location and pre-determined time.

How to order your design?
FineFilterz performs with each customer one-on-one to confirm complete fulfilment. FineFilterz allows negligible revisions to each design at no extra cost. FineFilterz acclaims are delivering as much fact as possible while placing an order. FineFilterz artists go off what you define. Ordering the snapchat geofilter is simple, and it takes 3 minutes. Go to the order page where you have to pay via Card or PayPal. When FineFilterz gets your order, enter few details about your geofilter’s look and appearance, we will start working on your snapchat geofilter and wish to make a design prepared within 24 hours.

Sample filter we did for our customer:
Hosho snapchat filter

How to manually upload geofilter to Snapchat?

How to manually upload geofilter to Snapchat?

Keep in mind, that before uploading filter to Snapchat you need to follow some requirements.
Filters should be:

  • Saved as PNG file with a transparent background
  • 1080px wide, 1920px high
  • Under 300KB

Here is sample of such filter we made for baby birthday celebration:
geofilter for Angelina

As you already know, we can help you create such kind of filters. We can also submit filter to Snapchat for you.
Or if you want, you can upload it manually. You can do it using Snapchat upload tool. You will be asked to select target area after.

Good luck!

What are On-Demand Geofilters?

What are On-Demand Geofilters?

On-Demand Snapchat Geofilters behave practically as traditional Snapchat filters: you take a picture and can then overlay a design on top.
Snapchat opened such filters for everyone. So if you are running special event, celebrating opening of a new store or just looking for a unique way to grab consumer attention, custom on-demand geofilters can help you a lot.

That is why we started our company to help people around the world to create unique geofilters.

So how does our service work? Read more here.

Here is sample filter we made a few months ago:
geofilter for whs prom

More our works you can check here:

Have a nice day!

Benefits of using snapchat geofilters

Today  the trend of promoting businesses on the social  media platforms has become very popular. As more people are making use of social media it has become a great platform for advertising. Snapchat is another powerful social media platform that has been extremely powerful marketing tool for every business. Snapchat is a social media platform that is used by millions of people across the world. On Snapchat you can share pictures and chat with  people. Using Snapchat is a fun experience. Today Snapchat is being used by people of all ages. Be it teenagers or elder people everybody is enjoying the fun on snapchat. Geofilters is another cool tool that makes your Snapchat campaign more effective. Geofilters are considered as a hot opportunity in the marketing on snapchat.

Geofilters can be used in both ways, either you can use the geofilters offered snapchat or can customize according to your requirements from the organization that create geofilters. Once you open your snapchat app you will find add geofilter button in profile settings. By clicking there you can activate geofilter. Mostly the geofilters are paid and the amount is charged according to the period of time you are using it. Using custom made geofilters has become a popular trend on snapchat. People are getting attracted towards it due to its enormous advantages. Following are the tangible advantages of using geofilters.

Authority and innovation

Creative and innovative geofilters catch people’s attention really fast. People who are new on snapchat are always attracted to the sharing that offers something new and innovative. If you offer something new there are chances more people will use your geofilters to add geofilters to their stories. The custom made geofilters make people understand about your brand and what you are offering. More you make it interesting they will get more attracted towards scrolling your stories. Geofilter aligns you with top  brands and businesses that are offering more unique. Once people start using your geofilters you will get an authority for posting in snapchat’s ecosystem.

Brand awareness

There are people on snapchat who want to share your content with their followers specially if you are organizing any event. Whether it is a music concert, a business event or simply a speech people are more into sharing their experiences about your content. By providing geofilter overlay to their posts you will be able to create awareness about your brand effectively. Through this you can give your message to the world. You can just put a tagline that suggests about your services and event you are conducting. This will keep reminding people all the time.

Best marketing strategy

In this world of high competition standing out in the crowd has become very  difficult. Though internet has given people an opportunity to do their business globally it has also created a huge competition. This is the reason why marketing your business properly has become so crucial. When it comes to online market place standing out in the crowd has become tougher. This is the reason why people are using social media as a powerful marketing tool. Using snapchat geofilters you can attract more people through the creative medium. This will not only boost their stories but also enhance your credibility and endorsement.  If you manage to share original and unique content you can attract more people towards your brand.  It is said that a picture says thousand words in one still. This advantage can give a great shot to your filters. Once you  share it in trusted groups you can enjoy several  benefits.

24 hours marketing

Every content on snapchat lasts for 24 hours. So if you have organized an event then you can activate a geofilter at the time of event and it will keep the people updated about the event all the time.  Plus it will also brings the people who are around. To have a successful campaign  make sure to offer easy to share stories that are take place at the venue and time. This will help you engage people in your content throughout the time.

More interactive conversation

Interaction is the most powerful way of marketing. If you post non interactive content then there are chances when people will not take any interest in your activity. Just broadcasting stories is not enough  to attract people. Your geofilters should become a part of one to one snapchatting. Interactive stories will make your promotion more effective. Using custom made geofilters is one of the best way to  make your stories more interactive.

Attract more people

One of the best  part of using custom made geofilters is it makes your stories more unique and interesting.  This is best for engaging more and more people to your stories.  As they will find something new they will gain interest in your post. This will  help in making your campaign more successful.

How Geofilter can be effective for business promotion?

Snapchat is one of the most creative social media networking tool. Their latest introduction, Geofilter is one of the most widely used technologies. The Snapchat Geofilter will allow customers as well as clients to get a more personalized experience and share their pictures when they were in specific location. With Geofilters, when a customer takes a picture on Snapchat, they will have to option to place a Geofilter over their image and share it with their friends. With Geofilters, they can tell the whole world that they were at a particular place and love the experience.

Geofilters can provide businesses with a very good way to promote their businesses. It is a kind of social media word of mouth advertising which can show other that people are appreciating your business. To make sure that more and more people are aware about your businesses, making a Geofilter can be very effective. Businesses can use creative heads at their disposal for making Geofilter. Attractive Geofilter will make your business popular and encourage more and more users to use it. While certain Geofilter, there are few things which users should keep in mind.
1. Filters which you will create should be in PNG format and must have transparent background. This will make sure that it will fit in the Snapchat frame properly and user’s image can be displayed beneath the Geofilter.
2. Size of the filter should be about 1080×1920 pixels and provide users with latest technology.
3. Filter PNG’s should be under 300 Kb.

Following all the above details is very important to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. You should ask your graphical team to see the requirements and create a Geofilter based on these specifications.

Getting a creative Geofilter is very important to ensure that it gets popular on Snapchat. You should remember that it’s your creativity which is going to attract users and provide you with top class results. It should be noted that Geofilters are not automatically applied over the picture; users will have to select it to apply it. To make users select your Geofilter, make sure that it is attractive and likeable. Unless, users does not like your graphics and creative, they will not use it and thus it will hamper your business promotion strategy. Ideally, Geofilter should be something which should stand out from the image itself. Ideally you should test out your Geofilter on number of images taken from different angles to make sure that it works effectively.

What are On-Demand Geofilter?

Geofilters are custom overlays which will appear on the pictures taken by the Snapchat users. On Demand Geofilters are those where you can create a Geofilter for the purpose of promoting your business and can make sure that you get a good promotion strategy in place. This feature will let you create and publish Geofilters for your parties, business promotions or for wedding. It is a very fun way to let your friends and customers use the Geofilter in a very creative manner.

What will Geofilter cost?

There are many different variables which will decide the pricing for Geofilters. You can fence an area between 20,000 sq. ft to 5 million sq. ft in which your Geofilter will be active. Filter cannot be live for more than 30 days. Overall cost of the Geofilter will be dependent on the size of the area and the time for which it is going to be active. Base price of the Geofilter starts at $5 and will go on according to your need. location which is being selected is also going to determine the cost of the Geofilter. For example if you want to geofence location near an event like Oscar, then it will cost lot more.

Geofilters is a perfect way for hotels and tourist destination to promote them. Travelers can use the Geofilter to let everyone know where they are going by posting a pic using the Geofilter. We have already seen may big hotels creating their own Geofilter. With the help of Geofilter, travelers can tag that they are staying in a particular hotel. They can also use it for any pics which are clicked inside the hotel premise. It will provide users with a unique way to showcase their photos and also make sure that hotel is promoted automatically.

For those who are more into analytics, Snapchat provide you with a feature to measure the total number of people who have used your Geofilter. If you have a attractive and creative Geofilter, then rest assured many users will be eager to use it. One it gets popular among users, you will see a very positive impact of Geofilters on your business. This is one of the most popular tool which people are using to promote their businesses.

No. 1 Snapchat Filter agency

We are FineFilterz, No. 1 Snapchat Filter agency, and we are ready and able to make any filter that you require. But why are we different than others? One simple answer really, we are the oldest geofilter company out there. Using our wealth of knowledge we can and will create the perfect geofilter for your occasion, whether that’s a wedding or a birthday, a conference or an air show, or maybe even just a party with friends. We are here to make the perfect filter for you.

As the oldest company in the business, we have a heck of a lot of experience in working with both Snapchat and clients to create the most amazing filters possible for you. We aim to make the best work possible by using all of our expertise to make the perfect filter for your perfect photo. Weddings often use us to create their perfect day, and we are proud to say that every customer winds up satisfied with our work. How, I hear you ask me? By working with you, the customer, every single step of the way. We offer the chance to edit and revise every design we make and with unlimited patience, we ensure that your filter is what you deserve.

The best part? All these revisions are free of charge and we will ensure that your filter is accepted by Snapchat, very rarely they are not but we work with you to ensure they are, we will ensure you get the best Geofilter that money can buy, and make that great day just that much greater.

Now I can tell you want to know how it works, and it’s all so very easy. You need to order on our site, very easy to see, it takes less than three minutes to do. You pay with PayPal, or your selected card provider, and then give us just a few details of what you need. Next? Just sit back and wait whilst our experts do all the work. After just 24 hours, we will have the first draft of your design ready and I just know that you will love it. Choose FineFilterz and you choose to create the best way to make your celebration stand out. We’re cheap, fast, and effective at our job and with our expertise and your vision, we will get you the geofilter you deserve.

Filter we made week ago for our customer:
Baby Salazar geofilter